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"I found an awesome drone as a present for my brother. It was really helpful to see the satisfaction and popularity of each product."

Alex N., Austin, TX

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At Gadget Orb, we are on a mission to radically simplify the shopping experience for today's busy consumers.

There's a wealth of product information and reviews out there on the web, in many shapes and forms, and it is nearly impossible to keep track of it all on your own.

Gadget Orb's automated process constantly scans the web in search of the best products and their reviews.



In order to compare products and find the best ones, we rate them by aggregating the following components:

  • Popularity - how many people are buying, using and reviewing the product in comparison with other top products in its category.

  • Satisfaction - We analyze the reviews of each product relatively to the other products on our list.

  • Value-For-Money - How much you get for what you pay when you buy a given product, relatively to other top performers.

Lastly, we publish sorted lists of the best products on the market, so you can easily view the product information of the top performers within various consumer categories. Instead of tirelessly researching to find what you need, we want you to spend your time enjoying what you buy :)

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